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Praxis by Edan Gibson

It is good praxis to be a housewife

Who gets toothpaste from the community center

Who goes to foodbank

And boasts that she found the firmest apples there

It is good praxis to take those apples, and peel them, making cider

Then with the peels, make vinegar

Then with the rest, make apple sauce for dinner

Then set aside the seeds, saving up

In case you need any cyanide

It is good praxis to cut up old tshirts

And sew them as onesies for your babies

To leave flowers instead of dollars for

The teeth under their pillows

Santa Clause trades an xbox for a cavity filling this year

It is good praxis to be happy when you make something from nothing

It is good praxis to be angry when the apples all bruise

It is good praxis to cry when your baby's teeth all fall out

It is good praxis to resent the cream, when you are the milk, and dream of whisks


Edan Gibson is a 24 year old transmasc person (he/they) living in the Canadian Coast Salish territory. They make all sorts of art in all sorts of genres, from film, to illustration, but storytelling is their main love. @Edanmakgibson on Twitter and @Averygayfrog on Instagram.

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