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  You could have a big dipper   

Playing Devil's Advocate by Heidi Bechard

Yeah, but

look at it this way:

No one knows everything or

what’s going on in someone else’s life




I know you don’t want to play this game -- you’re afraid you might lose

and you will if you assume you know for certain,

if you talk in absolutes.

Consider, for a moment, your human brain -- the fallible method by which you register everything.

Consider the lack of sleep you got last night,

the amount you have had to drink,

your aging body,

the parents who raised you,

your b r o k e n heart,

the anger rising in your chest,

the person you are trying to be but just haven’t become…

maybe there’s a chance you’re wrong.


Heidi Bechard is an English teacher and single momma living and teaching in Missouri. Heidi's passion is poetry! Twitter @HeidiBechard

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