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  You could have a big dipper   

pieces of poem ideas i found and threw together by Rachel Tanner

unsteady / i am always uncomfortable / insuppressible / the gazebo in the middle of town where you taught me about the doppler effect as the train passed by still stands 15 years later - a testament to our invincibility / when i left you, i learned that it’s annoying to make a bed by yourself / i'm not good but i'm better than i was the weekend i messaged you after you asked me not to / it’s okay to not respond i said but i just feel so alone and i had to try / i always look up the endings to movies during the first half / not everything needs to be forgiven and not everything can be / i never get mad at the sky when thunder wakes me up / wish i knew which parts of me live on in you / you don't deserve the worlds i’ve built / if it would help someone to care for me better, they could play the bagpipes directly into my ear


Rachel Tanner is a queer, disabled writer from Alabama whose work has recently appeared in Tenderness Lit, Wine Cellar Press, and elsewhere. She has a monthly videogame writing column in Videodame and she tweets @rickit.

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