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Piña Colada by Muiz Opeyemi Ajayi

I don't know how to write

a love poem. I can barely make out

the recipe of a Puerto Rican cocktail.

I do not promise love

songs in a winter storm, only that rum propelled light

headed tipsiness on halfmoon nights.

The full thickness of the pineapple cream

is the taste of your tongue

the night it shared embrace with mine.

The icy blandness of the coc'nut juice

is your off trailing voice

whispering my name in the afterdark. The pine

apple wedge I forgot to add

is our nose tilted sideways

in a fad of half-parted lips.

The umbrella shaped parasol

shields our love from the ever potent

threat of the sunset, as the

slightly slanted straw spells out

our misplaced heart

beats thumping into one

uneven rhythm, our guts

0.00 metre apart at 2 a.m.

on a warm summer night.

& when affection glows at its brightest

it borrows

the reddish hue of

the maraschino cherry on top

sitting doubtlessly in the milky rum

like love's sooty ass on my drunken heart.


Muiz Opeyemi Ajayi, a young poet and writer, is a fresh Law undergraduate of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He writes conventional & unconventional poetry on diverse subjects including identity, personality conflict, but's & maybe's, as well as experiences from living in the Western part of Nigeria. Follow him on Twitter @opendites, Instagram @real_bardboi and reach him on Facebook @Muiz Opeyemi Ajayi

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1 Comment

Oct 26, 2021

Indeed, the poem is erotic 🔥

While ,I couldn't stop myself from imagining. Lol

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