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Persimmon Galette by Robert Okaji

This you is the flour of my crust, the

golden palm into which I, dark

persimmon, fall as asked, to be absorbed

by your deep, warm folds. O, other half,

I want nothing more than time with

you, days pressed in a bed of language

in the circumstance of inevitable,

communing with our former selves

in eye-light. Prick me and I still quiver.

Press your mouth hard against my seared

flesh. Cast your words and retrieve them

with your tongue, the sugars melting,

bonding at the core, together forever,

one sweet whole, an insurmountable we.


Robert Okaji (@robertokaji) served without distinction in the U.S. Navy, and once won a goat-catching contest. The author of multiple chapbooks, his poetry has appeared in Book of Matches, Taos Journal of International Poetry & Art, Buddhist Poetry Review, and elsewhere.

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