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  You could have a big dipper   

Pacific Avenue by C.W. Blackwell

CW: violence, alcohol

I remember cigarette smoke—

a stratum of strange weather

in the pool hall, the clashing

of Bakelite billiards,

pitchers of cheap lager

volcanoed at their edges,

how I stepped to the curb and felt

the city breathe, smelled the road’s

rain-sour pitch, heard music in

the alley—was it a tenor or baritone?

Candles in seductive windows,

a gloss of dandelion on cracked walls,

tree branches shadowboxing

with streetside headlights where

men cursed and laughed and

women embraced street lamps in

rum-drunk heels, the moon

hanging like a pill to be swallowed—

and I thought maybe I was born to

lean under neon signs and to

feel that hot electric midnight stir

the hair on the back of my arms.


C.W. Blackwell is an American crime fiction author and poet. His recent poetry has appeared in Close to the Bone's 4.4 Series, Versification, The Five-Two, Anti-Heroin Chic, Punk Noir, and Dead Fern Press. His upcoming poetry collection, River Street Rhapsody, will appear in Spring 2022 from Dead Fern Press. Twitter: @CW_Blackwell Instagram: @cw_blackwell_writer

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