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  You could have a big dipper   

One-on-One by Fizza Abbas

Laid a grave,

Buried you so many times,

On a barren land,

When you protested,

I suppressed you under the carpet of sand.

You cried, you yelled, you died... many times

I revived you, again and again.

I know I'm cruel

But so are you, my darling.

When was the last time you talked nicely to me?

When was the last time you fit in quietly when I asked you so?

You changed the context each time,

You deliberately made an alliance

With my enemy

To make

Me feel incompetent,

I know the relationship you have with them,

Sometimes fragments, other times danglers,

They didn't betray you, you wronged them,

At least have the guts to own up to your mistakes,

They were fools,

I’m not like those altruistic sentences,

You don’t know me yet,

Dear words!


Fizza Abbas is a Freelance Content Writer based in Karachi, Pakistan. She is fond of poetry and music. Her works have been published on quite a few platforms including Poetry Village and Poetry Pacific. Twitter: @fizzawrites

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