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One Big Misunderstanding by Brian Le Lay

CW: Swear words


Once when I was twelve

I crawled inside the TV screen

Into the land of late-night TV movies

Tossed a grappling hook over the slobbering guard dogs

Penny loafers sliding in the motorcycle skids

Pulled you from quicksand in the nickel of time


Locked in the trunk of a stolen Crown Vic

A vampire tracks me across the Sonoran desert

and creeps through a plot hole to find & fang me

Fuck him! A wisp of first daylight

ripples through a hatchet-break in the clapboard wall


White surge of jet skis


Shit-faced with fast friends on a rooftop

I wonder what it's like where stars are born (Tennessee)

drag a jittering Tercel

across the Ozarks

to intercept an envelope


We ride a train longways across Russia

Blinded by wind & snow at the crucial junctures

The conductor tells us this time

and that's the primary difference


Brian Le Lay likes to fiddle with language and find the funny. His poems have appeared in places like Drunk Monkeys, VAYAVYA, and Peach Mag.

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