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Oil Spill by Tejashree Murugan

I am a drop of water pushing against the tide

and rolling down my cheek - my hand wipes it away

but wait, I am acid, now my hand has a hole

in it that water flows through, making its jagged edges

smoother slowly eating it away - now I have no hand

except for a phantom, made of air - it’s cooler than my old hand though

it can shoot lasers and zap you dead

at least in my brain (then again, isn’t everything?)

I let the acid fall everywhere, it makes my job easier

until only hair is left behind to clog my shower drain


Tejashree Murugan (she/her) is a writer and student at IIT Madras. Her work has been published in The B'K, The Aurora Journal, Ethel, and in:cite journal, among others. In her free time, she is a poetry reader for The Mark Literary Review. She can be reached @earth2tj

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