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  You could have a big dipper   

Ode to the Insemination Syringe by Carson Wolfe

You eight inch divine vehicle

of holy fucking miracles. Artificial

stunt double always ready to compete,

you pack a stadium of 50 million seats

and the three of us watch the race.

Our monthly champ of the cervical

shot put, you know practice and perfect

aim won’t always bring a baby home.

So, you sterilise

off and get back in the game,

even though we keep losing.

A real good sport,

we keep betting

on you, hoping the odds

will bless us with the chance

to pass you to the life you help create,

so I can say: this is the mark you launched

from and my heart

was always the finishing line.


During lockdown, Carson adopted a cat to live like an eccentric writer, but now spends most of their time salvaging the poems her keyboard paws delete - rather than actually writing them. Surviving work can be found in Fourteen Poems, Stone of Madness Press, and Kissing Dynamite amongst others. @vincentvanbutch

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