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  You could have a big dipper   

nothing but something by James Lindley

and I should confess

I'm not really a writer

I am only someone looking

for the most powerful words

and I'm pretty sure I've found them

the most powerful words

are c'est la vie

such is life

it is what it is

that's how it goes

and such is the way of things

these are words that can mean anything

and also nothing but something

at the same time

and my dude is also powerful

so is thank you

and I see what you’re doing there

and there’s a finger wag that works

and a careful upward nod of the head

and sometimes people post a picture

of a small cartoon with a sad mouse

and that is powerful too


James Lindley has never really watched The Simpsons, but based on an online quiz he took once he is probably a Lisa Simpson. You can read his work on and Twitter at DuendeonFuego (@DuendeenF).

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