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  You could have a big dipper   

Nature Poem by Dan Melling

CW: blood, death

A little lamb bleats

and bleats and we think

Aww he’s lost his mum

so we run up the hill

to help but the crows

have pecked out

his little lamb eyes

and his little lamb

tongue and there’s blood

around his little

lamb anus

where they’ve tried

to get to his innards

and where they’ll succeed

when we leave

and just a little up the hill

is an old slate quarry

where the water’s

so deep you can’t

imagine the bottom

and it’s the bluest thing

you’ve ever seen.


Dan Melling (he/him) is a writer. He was raised in Skegness but became a man on the high seas. His work has appeared in numerous places online and in print. He sometimes tweets at @melling_da.

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