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My murdered land by Ojo Victoria Ilemobayo

The street lies gloriously in ruins,

One step in the soil- just like a travail at birth.

Our murdered land is painted with tussle and beautiful pangs,

And night is mixed with servile fearfulness and veteran buzzing mosquito at a feast.

Beware of the one-eyed macho-a monstrous visage,

So hallowed and gracious in terror.

Our people bathe joyfully in airborne disease and dine with freshly baked infection.

Our feeble mouths war,day in and out,

When your sun has gone up, our sun just walked in-the season of million mischief.


Ojo Victoria Ilemobayo is a young poet, a student, and a graphic designer from Nigeria. When she's not writing, she's studying, watching the stars at night or probably singing. Say hi to her on:

Facebook: Ojo Ilemobayo. Instagram: @Ojo Ilemobayo.

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