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Milk in the Boardroom by Annie Marhefka

He said he fell in love with her

breasts, in high school,

that every boy in his class

sought her/them, the first to

ripen, and he had won the prize,

like a goldfish at the carnival.

He told us this in the boardroom

between agenda items, as casual as

the update on the increased price of

paper, the same objects he had lugged

in that teenage backpack as he chased

her around the halls.

It was my first day as the only

woman in this room of men;

I had promised my boss I could handle

whatever banter they hurled my way:

be it distrust, or crudity, or


But now, he said, to chuckles and smirks,

she's breastfed those kids,

nameless, as if he had not fathered them;

they're not what they used to be

(the breasts, not the kids),

sagging, droopy, sad.

No one told him that the

breasts are meant for feeding

mouths of babes,

that the milk was not meant

for him or this



Annie Marhefka is a writer, HR consultant, and mama in Baltimore, Maryland. She thrives on coffee, relationships, and delving into deep, dark, swirly feelings. She serves as Executive Director of Yellow Arrow Publishing Co. and you can find her words at, on Instagram @anniemarhefka, and Twitter @charmcityannie.

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