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McFlurry by Lamar Neal

The sweltering mornings

Like the suffocating nights.

It's Summertime in California.

We floundered inside

Throughout the week

But it's the weekend

Now, we thrive at the beach,

Laughing, drinking

Swimming under sunshine.


Soak into our bodies

For us to live to the fullest.


A sultry remembrance

Of perfection.


Cling to us for hours.

On our way home,

We stop for ice cream

At McDonald's-

The kids have spoken.

Today would be perfect, if

The machine wasn't broken.


Lamar Neal [he/him/they] is a breaded-hair author of three poetry collections and one novel. His poetry has been featured a few publications. When he’s not writing, he’s playing video games, window shopping online, or going down the rabbit hole that is YouTube. Twitter: @ghostcharades

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