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ManGo Naked – The Aftermath by SJ Townend

When the Emperor realised he’d been tricked, split bare of withered skin in front of all, like the overripe fruit that he was, the Emperor addressed his people.

“Yes, I may have been a fool in believing the countless mistruths of those employed to beautify me, but now I’m here, blanched of cloth, on display, I stand proudly in my skin. I am not bitter inside.”

His vassals blushed and sank further into their own uniform apparel. But the Emperor, true colours exposed, reclaimed his throne. Liberated from his shackles, free, unabashed, unashamed, he shone. Peachy cheeked, the Emperor declared a new Naked Bank Holiday.

The townsfruit pealed with joy.


SJ Townend has been writing for 23 months--not non-stop, there have been breaks for food and sleep. SJ won the Secret Attic short story contest (Spring 2020) and was long listed for the Women on Writing non-fiction contest in 2020 too. Twitter: @SJTownend

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