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Magpies by Niki Brennan

practice blood magic in your bedroom

with a shattered wine glass

summon bottles, roaches, erections

find witchcraft in brushing your teeth and spitting out your window

and howling at the moon, mad with birdsong

hold a curse in the cavity between tongue and cheek

spit it into someone’s mouth

be sunflower stuck

stare at the sky until you see the centre of the earth

do yoga in a pentagram of dirty clothes

expose your anus to magpies

seek chaos in buttered cereal

and bowls of toast

dream of the famous necromancers in the night-time treacle

I’m not usually the submissive but they’re tying me up

and teaching me to dance alone

that quiet manic bedroom waltz

that leaves you laughing aloud

into the empty space


Niki Brennan is a writer and poet from Glasgow, Scotland. His work has been featured in Kalposia and Valeur. He holds an MLitt in Creative Writing from the University of Strathclyde. Twitter: @NikiBrennan_

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