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Love/Movie Night by Suraya

I always know where to look for them and you get giddy when I hook you in.

The excitement brews with our eagerness to check at the door

the patience bought by those

who pay us.

You pour me a cup

so as the room gets warmer so do my lips as do the tips of my toes and fingers

so that our goosebumps

are from the thrill of

listening and watching the story unfolding

before us

so that the room gets darker

and my eyes- and I- I get heavier then lighter

until you are the only one

with goosebumps and you let it be so.


Suraya (she/her) is a writer and a teacher based in Turin. Her writing reflects her longing and uncertainty for her old home and her anxiety to connect with the adopted one. Her work has appeared in Cornucopia. Twitter: @pleiadessy

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