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  You could have a big dipper   

loneliness is a health risk by Emily Kate Hastings

I read an article:

I see slender bodies bent sharply

yoga in a plastic dome

triangles and cylinders of fabric in Dragonfruit.

That shade of lipkiss is not for me.

Sandstrom, who completed her PhD

was saying something

“Muted intensity, narrow intimacy”-

It is never enough, I say to myself.

Belittling the screen,

my eyes pale—I need something, though.

I renew and say aloud,“I will try.”

Finding ways to see each other, she said.


Emily Kate Hastings (she/her) is a writer and Speech-Language Pathologist from Canada. She can be found drinking ginger-lemon tea between Himalayas hikes, reading in Viennese coffee shops, or snowshoeing in Canadian forests, depending on the day. Her work has been published in TERSE., Twenty-two Twenty-eight, and The Sock Drawer.

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