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Lone by Louiza Lazarou

I keep finding bits of myself,

every time I dig up

a forgotten t-shirt,

or a worn out pair of jeans.

They come with flash memories.

Moments taken for granted,

that snuck past, undetected.

Here I am, unpacking again.

New season, new city.

Another fragment of life

disguised as a year,

launching at me.

I have grown weary

of sharing my wings.

I keep them well hidden now,

under heavy coats.


Longer hair.

Buses work just as well,

with the added benefit

of invisibility.

I sneak past, undetected.

And in the evening

when I’m alone,

I stretch them out

and dream of home.


Louiza Lazarou is a poet from Nicosia, Cyprus. She holds an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Brighton, and has since been a part of Megan Falley’s Poems That Don’t Suck community. Her work has been published in independent Cypriot journals. She runs on coffee. (@floortimewithloui on instagram)

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