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  You could have a big dipper   

lives by Mathew Yates

who lives coldsweat

under arid suns

praying O grace


the called-on cross

of the sun

through branching hands, bathing

the deeper end overlooking

watercress in a sermon of shade

& over on the hematite

hill where the moss grows

tired of the slag in its belly

“wasn’t it the wind who said

she liked it better that way?”

who walks dust-

roads through

kudzu’d woods

saying O dawn


& over & over

in the waxing & waning

of selenite wrists

tapped out into the dirt

in the shape of a scar

something sees who you are


Mathew Yates (they/them) is a poet & artist from Paducah, Kentucky with roots in Mississippi & Appalachia. Their poetry can be found in Kissing Dynamite, Screen Door Review, Malarkey Books, perhappened, & more. (@m_yates) (

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