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Little Death Confession by Jane Rosenberg LaForge

I've had many orgasms.

You may be shocked, but this is my confession.

They've been scientifically verified

so I'm not lying.

I've never shoplifted, or stabbed somebody

in the back, or committed adultery--

well, not on purpose.

I acknowledge it.

During a summer in college, the boyfriend

I got by leaving an earlier boyfriend

read Tolstoy for pleasure, believe it or not.

It's even more mind-rattling to consider

now that he’s a Trumper,

willing and registered.

How did that happen?

Probably when I wasn't looking

because I was having all those orgasms.


Jane Rosenberg LaForge writes poetry, fiction, and occasional essays from her home in New York. She is the author of a memoir, two novels, three full-length poetry collections, and four chapbooks. You can find her on Twitter @JaneRLaForge, or on Facebook at

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