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Life Still Dances by Lisa Molina

We’re in the pediatric cancer unit.

Liquid chemo dropping through

the snake-like tube pressed

into your chest,

Leading to your heart, destroying

all the cancer cells in your

puffed swollen body.

But it’s Mardi Gras!

Your dad comes into the

hospital room carrying

a loaded box full

of hope.

Of normalcy.

We put on the beads.

We play the zydeco music.

We devour the purple green gold

king cake with the hidden baby inside.

We help you out of the bed, IV pole

still attached to the tube in your chest.

Your little sister reaches for your hands.

The music louder.

The sounds of accordion,

singing, rhythms thumping.

You move together.





I’m dancing in reverie with your father.

The nurses come in,

Clapping and laughing

with us.

It is a dance of

the exquisite


nearly lost

in our lives,

that cancer cannot

take away from us.

Hope always

moves and grooves

to the dance of life.






Lisa Molina is a writer/educator in Austin, Texas. She taught high school English and theatre, was Associate Publisher of Austin Family Magazine, and works with students with special needs. Her writing can be found in numerous journals, including Beyond Words Magazine, Trouvaille Review, Neologism Poetry, and The Ekphrastic Review. She tweets @lisabmolina1

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