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Liberation of a Disenfranchised Affair by Berkay Bayram

a park with a rusty bench,

no soul.

covered with neither a roof nor a Tarpaulin.

melancholy in the air, sand on the floor

you keep me warm

with your aromatic breath.

there’s a crowd moving

right besides us

whereas there’s none

‘cause they’re only props

in our cinematic storyline.

“you’re here for me,” you mutter, “aren’t you?”

with a spontaneous smirk.

and i,

for god’s sake,

do approve.

you keep me warm

with your aromatic breath,

no need for hotels in flames

for the warmth.

a disenfranchised affair,

you and i are in.

like an invaded vandalized land,

we’re destined to be exploited.

i breathe in your smell

now i’m liberated.


Berkay Bayram (he/they), 19-year-old writer, was born in Avsa Island, Turkey. Under the harsh political climate in the region, they are inspired by the queer-feminist solidarity. Their former works were published in Ample Remains, Dead Fern Press, & Poetically Magazine. A forthcoming work will be published in Resurrection Magazine. Twitter: @honeyimyourdrug.

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