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  You could have a big dipper   

Let’s Have A Jar* by Adele Evershed

We have become this unsafe clump / jarred raw and only half stuffed / our plots fill thimbles / we balance them on narrow fingers / let plans sour on our stoppered tongues/ as we’re wrung out / / let’s pretend we are old / our pink gin schemes jam-packed in a jar / unscrew the lid / taste the preserved possibilities / hold them in your mouth / honey-dipped dates / pickled promises / dropped notes of a complicated concerto / jarring like the idea of spring onions / or writing tears / but a fabulous yawp nonetheless

*Jar-informal British for a glass of beer


Adele Evershed is a teacher and writer. She was born in Wales and has lived in Hong Kong, Singapore and the USA. You can find her poetry in High Shelf, bee house Journal, Tofu Ink Arts Press, The Fib Review, Sad Girls Club, Green Ink Poetry and a number of anthologies.

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