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Lenni's Tooth by Lenni Sanders

My one most jagged tooth, sat millimetres back behind the others, must be the rock on which my words are always sunk. I get stuck – in my head I try phrasing it again, other ways, with false starts, trying to weave a fine net no light can breach. It’s never right. My tongue must be the dampest, most lost creature on the earth. I punctuate my sentences with laughter when they do arrive. At least friends have said it seems I think before I talk. I’ll say this now, here is what is caught upon my tooth: I miss you. Things have been bad. I hope you’re well.


Lenni Sanders (she/they) is a writer based in Manchester, England. Lenni's debut pamphlet Poacher came out with the Emma Press in 2019. Poems have been published in The Tangerine, Butcher's Dog, Occulum, Adjacent Pineapple, and elsewhere. Twitter: @LenniSanders

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