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Jet Lag by Jasmine Williamson

I left home

with its familiar smells

and predictable ticking

to discover that

time is a construct

and it has constructed

a deep fissure between



and my physical body,

which can now be found

slumped onto wet grass

in St. Stephen’s Green

shoving fistfuls of french fries

into a ravenous chasm.


Jasmine Williamson (she/they) lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her two children, three cats, two guinea pigs, and a tortoise. She earned her MA in Creative Writing at Northern Kentucky University, where she now works as an admin in the English Department. Recent accomplishments include growing an 11 foot tall sunflower and learning to roller skate backwards. In her spare time she can be found making art, traveling, or planning to travel. She can be found at @mosscollection on the web.

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