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Jack & Rose by Hannah Siden

I named them Jack & Rose

And they were the most romantic, glamorous geese

This side of the neighbourhood

They weren’t really supposed to be here, everyone

Commented, but look how adorable they are

Two little beaks against the world

Curled side by side on the manicured lawn

By the neighbours’ turquoise beach chairs

Like they were on their honeymoon

I described their epic love story to my boyfriend

Did you know swans mate for life?

I know Jack & Rose are also together forever

Yesterday I found Jack alone, curled on the grass

Looking too small without Rose

Today I saw Jack wandering too close to the street

Looking for something over and over again

Today I saw Jack standing in the street

Not moving when a car grazed his wing

I stopped and stared

My heart with his, lonely on the meridian

You jinxed it by naming them Jack & Rose, says my sister

There are coyotes in the neighbourhood, you know, says my dad

My boyfriend just looks sad, like maybe they had been our

Good luck charm after a shit year

I hope Jack hangs in there

I guess I knew that life is almost never fair

And yet – I had remembered the violins, the dancing, but somehow

Had managed to forget how The Titanic actually ends


Hannah is a writer and filmmaker living on the traditional & unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations (Vancouver, BC). You're welcome to connect with her on Twitter @hannah_siden or at

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