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It's the New Thing by Darren J. Beaney

This progression is an untamed debut.

Ordinary, abrasive. Suspended

in enhanced thinking. Chillin’, like a haiku

that hangs around nonchalant.

Sporadically up to the minute. Then caught impersonating

the curves of slumberland. New-born youth

escapes from the grip

of the snap claw.

My guardian angel

has never seen this before. Stubborn

sayings stutter on this fresh beginning,

it is a life without...

This pilgrim’s evolution, enters

tumbling, plummeting. Nosedive.

Daring. Dare I.



Darren J Beaney has an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Brighton. He is part of a collective that host a regular spoken word night in Brighton - Flight of the Dragonfly). He cuts his own hair. He loves Marmite. He tries to blog - T: @DJ_Be_An

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