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  You could have a big dipper   

Intimacy Coordinator by Tim Kahl

Those love scenes where bodies are oiled

need consultants who can set rules.

The peg in hole scenario

should be strictly blocked and rehearsed.

Holy fuck. Like dogs humping masters' legs,

you catch the gleam in the eye.


Tim Kahl {him, himmer, himmest} is the author of Possessing Yourself (CW Books, 2009), The Century of Travel (CW Books, 2012) The String of Islands (Dink, 2015) and Omnishambles (Bald Trickster, 2019). His work has been published in Prairie Schooner, Drunken Boat, Mad Hatters' Review, Indiana Review, Metazen, Ninth Letter, Sein und Werden, Notre Dame Review, The Really System, Konundrum Engine Literary Magazine, The Journal, The Volta, Parthenon West Review, Caliban and many other journals in the U.S. He is also editor of Clade Song

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