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Indigo and the Electrics by Elyse Russell

Indigo was born when a church steeple shed its skin

And the remnants fell to kiss the new green grass.

She lives in a flower field on the open pages of a novel

and when she’s hungry, she pulls syntax off the paper

for a snack. A baby bird lives in her pocket and she

lines his nest with Luna moth wings and back blue jean

pockets. Sometimes she lays her head on the ground

to listen to the ants singing opera in ringing soprano

while they dig their tunnels. The queen sings at sundown.

When Indigo’s in need of lovin’ she makes a man out of

wrought-iron gates and golden stallion’s manes.

She likes to push dandelion fluff into bee hives so the

Workers have something to rest on when they’re tired.

When she sees something pretty, she puts it on the tip

of her tongue and calls it electric. Now and then she’s

busy in some other world and she puts up a sign that

says, “Be back later- looking for the Electrics.”


Elyse Russell is a newcomer to the publishing scene in 2021, and enjoys working on short stories, poetry, and graphic novel scripts. She loves naps and cheese. Follow her on Twitter @ElyseRussell13 (BraveLittleTeapotThoughts).

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