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  You could have a big dipper   

“I don’t know how I missed that.” by Willanielli Kaye

It’s simple

I have a big dick

a deep, sexy man voice

Ppl like me aren’t supposed to


walk away from

that kind of


Such a nice dick

that I feel guilty

when bottom surgery

makes me wet

Guilt like bricks

thrown at my kneecaps

in case I ever forget

what u socialize me to be


Willanielli Kaye (they/them) is an emerging genderqueer/non-binary writer of prose and poetry. Their spare time is spent skateboarding; creating visual art; dismantling oppressive systems; and pursuing an MPH+MSW dual degree. Their full-time job is providing prison reentry services to people with a history of opioid use. Twitter: @willanielli

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