You could have a big dipper   

I Cried Less Than I Thought by Penny Senanarong

Maybe the reason I took it so well is

Because I knew death was an exit.

Like when a party is too loud, too

Crowded and exhausting,

You can finally leave.

A trapeze artist isn’t scared

Because she has a net. Yet, the

Dead looks like they’re asleep

Or so they say.

She just looks dead to me.

Still, she’s beautiful: red lips and

Blush but her fingers felt like defrosted

Sausages. Too cold and immovable.

The funeral is over;

My hands are frostbitten.


Penny Senanarong (she/her) is a Bangkok-born poet whose work can be found in Better Than Starbucks, 50-Word Stories, and ENIGMA Journal. She is a human rights advocate with interests in queer theory, mythology, and the occult. During her free time, she likes to sing to musical show tunes.

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