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Human Garbage by Chioma Okere

Tales of littered garbage,

Like the old tins, cans and pans in bins,

The packed papers, plastics and soured pastries,

Causing us to wrinkle our nose at the stench oozing from their abode.

Tell the tale of littered human garbage,

In homes; down the line of descent

Flows in the blood; through the veins

On the streets; every nook and cranny.

Leaders of the future,

Parading as hooligans / drowning in the ocean of juvenile delinquency,

Flaunting their proclivity, as they trudge with droop shoulders

In their ripped jeans sagged to their knees

And unkempt hairs; a breeding ground of lice

Coated in colours that attests to their rascality

See them inflicting pain / roaming in freaks and cliques of insanity,

Ravaging like rabid dogs / with smoke of fag puffing out their mouth

Speaking raucously in obscenity,

Human garbage littered all over.

Uppish, errant aristos,

Buzzing nymphets like bees over honeycombs

And shamelessly adoring the ardour of defiling them,

Whilst they are yet to flower.

Soused, vagrant husbands,

Reeling up the streets / reeking of alcohol

See them gifting their wives a black eye

With clinched fists; ready to scourge and scotch.

And their children?

Left with pitiful, teary eyes for mercy

Watching their father scowl and fume like ravening hawks on chicks,

Human garbage littered all over.

Aged sugar mamas,

With wrinkling skin and shuffling feet,

Yet scouting and sniffing around striplings

To sing them melodious chirps like crickets

See them raving about the soothing pleasure of taming their raunchy souls

As flies wobble, humming songs to feast on their carcass,

Human garbage littered all over.

Leaders of the present,

Soigné in suits, padded and embroidered with filths

Sitting on seats gained by tricks

Basking in riches mined in theft

See them embezzling funds

Terminating projects

Making laws

Opposing motions

Filling up their filled pockets and satisfying their selfish selves

While they grind the faces of the poor in the land under the siege of penury,

Human garbage littered all over.

Militants of today,

Garbed in starched uniform

Armed with guns and ammunition

And stationed for extortion,

From drivers, riders and passers-by

See them cocking their guns

Quick on the trigger at innocent civilians

Meant to be protected and defended in their father-land

But are jailed, maimed and killed unjustly by trigger-happy villains

Yet militants, but masked miscreants,

Human garbage littered all over.


Chioma Okere is a Nigerian poet, storyteller and a budding photographer. She seeks to use her writing as a change-making tool to amplify her voice and that of others. Her works have been featured in Upwrite Magazine. She can be reached via her Instagram and Twitter handle: @_theremy.

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