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How it Started, How it's Going by Jack C. Buck

My back and legs ache (instill a sense of urgency)

I can’t bend down as easily as before

I thought we weren’t supposed to feel this way for another twenty years (lesson learned)

Would you look at that, time for bed (continually important)

Better have a quick bowl of cereal standing over the counter (bringing back childhood)

Write down the checklist (plethora of activities)

What’s on deck for tomorrow (highlight the gaping holes)

How much of today did you end up getting around to (deflect responsibility)

Drop off the voting ballot (enabling a delusion)

Before that how about exercise (if I remember)

Take vitamins (that’s an easy one)

Go to work, make money, pay the bills (the cost of living)

Counterproductive (Can’t save anything)

Stocks are at an all-time high (meaning nothing when you don’t have any)

At lunch (what to eat)

Go out to the parking lot (sit in the car a moment of silence)

Find the classical station (write a poetry line)

It’s getting too hot roll down the windows (repositioning is required)

This job sucks (goes back to school)

Become a librarian (that’ll show yourself)

Less internet (authentic encounters)

Okay now put the book down (lessons now to be applied)

Try again (faith in silence)

Your losing your hair (now you’re liberated)

Admit you were wrong (upend preconceptions)

Work on understanding (critical community role)

Get a good night’s sleep (budget contractions)

Enlarge my life (living your best life)

Facilitate experiences (strong positive associations)

Get serious ( loosen up)

Loosen up (get serious)


Jack C. Buck lives in Boise, Idaho. He is the author of the books Gathering View and Deer Michigan. He thanks you for reading his writing.

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