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  You could have a big dipper   

Horology isn’t a lost art by Maggie Fulmer

–at a quarter past the end; reboot.

I tell everyone time isn’t real

but I disagree; that semi-truck moved

too fast and avoided this crash,

for a reason.

A nesting Chaffinch gathers

twigs, dirt, and minutes,

but without the silk

extruded from an orb-weaver

its patience is wasted;

there’s no rush is a lie

that I needed–

it wasn’t my fault,

was it?

I still take time from

the palm of your hand

and smile when I swallow it.


Maggie Fulmer is an emerging writer from Kentucky with a passion for creative nonfiction and poetry. Her work has been featured in Atlas+Alice, Dime Show Review, The Coil and Ice Lolly Review. She can be found on most corners of the internet (@mfulms21) talking about boybands, books, and reality television.

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