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Homeward Bound by Radar

“Captain, probe 983 came back with something,”

sergeant Prizner said excitedly.

Captain Warren sat forward in his officer’s chair.

“What do the readings say?” he asked eagerly.

A large smile spread across Prizner’s face, “The

sample was a 97.9 percent match captain. We’ve found

it sir.”

Warren chocked back a few tears as he whispered

to himself, “After all this time.”

He stood and looked at the faces of his crew. Warren

took in a deep breath, “Set our coordinates to those mapped

out by probe 983.” He smiled, “After twelve long years…we’re

finally going home, back to earth.”


Radar is a horror movie and novel enthusiast who resides in Wichita, Kansas. He occasionally dabbles in writing and enjoys making dark and exciting tales for people to enjoy. He has had drabbles and short stories published in various electronic magazines and anthologies.

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