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Holy Karl Marx by Vern Fein

did you know that Jewish boy

raised by Hebrew Christians

in Germany over a century ago

saw Jesus as a socialist

wrote that little book

cried for all the workers

to break their chains and unite

throw the fat cats

Mary called out in the Magnificat

under the table

so that the wretched of the Earth

can sit at a table as long as the world

sup and sup

get all the other basics they need

but when a pandemic

crushes the world

we see the fat cats

still at the table

the workers cleave beef loins shovel dirt

spoon-feed patients punch cash registers

crawl in attics wheel gurneys

die under the table

as Marx turns over in his grave

wonders if we are going to get it

before that Communist Jesus

comes down takes

His own to the Place

where the cats can’t roam


About to be an octogenarian, Vern Fein started writing poetry a few years after he retired at seventy and has published over one hundred fifty poems on over seventy sites, a few being: *82 Review, Bindweed Magazine, Gyroscope Review, Courtship of Winds, Young Raven's Review, Nine Muses, Monterey Poetry Review, and Corvus Review. Twitter: @poetplain

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