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  You could have a big dipper   

Hedden, Rowe, Nix, and Wade Walked Into a Bar by Lara Dolphin

after a long night

debating legal issues

and ordered Bloody Marys

hair of the dog

which all agreed (finally)

contain six parts vegetable juice

the thick liquid

through small straws

made a sound

like the swoosh of blood

through the umbilical cord

what is good, they wondered

as they studied the menu

and what is not good

and why are coffee beans

called beans

and not seeds

and on and on they went

in unkillable conversation

that grew louder and louder

until Hemmingway who was trying

to enjoy a peaceful meal

at the next table

asked, “Would you please please

please please please

please please stop talking?”


Lara Dolphin is an attorney, nurse, wife and mom of four amazing kids; she is exhausted and elated most of the time. She can be found on facebook:

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