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He gave back my father’s head by Zakiyyah Dzukogi

a boy from the chalet

is here to slice off

my father’s head.

I’ll follow him to the pantry

he’s keeping my father,

into eyes’ night

and the boat moving backwards

with my father’s head.

do not allow our boat drift out to sea

nor will you swallow what I thought was a dream.

do not give off my god- don’t drop it,

go away with my chip pan

and loose the poetry I use to grill,

I’ll enter from any door

and pour on his two legs

hot oil,

tap Him on the shoulder for me,

I’ve even laid before God—

give back my father’s head,

and so He did


Zakiyyah Dzukogi is a Nigerian poet. She has her works published or are forthcoming in Upwrite Nigeria, Artmosterrific chapbook, the Nigeria Review, INNSAEI Journal, Konyashamrumi, literature voices, Book o clock, corona blues, Poetry Tuesday, Heartlinks Magazine, PoetryColumn, Paradise on Earth International Anthology, Of shadows and rainbow anthology, piamvoices, and others. She’s a two times winner of the Nigeria Prize for Teen Authors. Zakiyyah is on Twitter @ZDzukogi and on instagram @zakiyyahdzukogi

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