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Growing Up Giving Up Homers by KG Newman

My mother paid someone else

to be my mother. My father felt

teaching the splitter

was sufficient enough. He said

if I ever wonder why my pitch

is too straight,

it’s a mystery of proximity.

Spread my fingers further

from the laces. Ask the au pair

to take me to practice

and on the way envision

success in the streaks

out a highway window.

Whatever’s bothering me,

put it off. Remember

this spin is proprietary.

No, my hand is not

turning into a hologram.


KG Newman is a sportswriter who covers the Broncos and Rockies for The Denver Post. His first three collections of poems are available on Amazon. The Arizona State University alum is on Twitter @KyleNewmanDP and more info and writing can be found at He lives in Hidden Village, Colorado, with his wife and two kids.

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