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GONE TOO SOON by Danielle Nouriazad

From the bar where

I’ve hoisted up my sunken

shoulders. Picked up my heavy head,

half-dragged out the door. I remember

Holden Caulfield, shot

in the stomach. Imaginary but

I remember dancing with a girl who

did not love me and your

best friend.

I remember leaving the party

early, letting my hair,

the sky, fall. I don’t want

flowers or to tell anyone

anything. Only to listen to

the zephyr of wings,

to gaze at stars and wonder

if you saw them,

too. You did

from a rooftop of your own.

Maybe we decided that

is where we’ll meet. There.


Danielle Nouriazad is a poet, writer, and graduate student of English, with a special interest in queer and gothic studies. They have appeared in the first issue of Giving Room Mag. You can find them at @dnouriazad on Twitter.

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