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Gold by Thomas Zimmerman

Metallic yellow

Ripened grain

The setting and the rising sun

Teeth-fillings of the elders

Ingots in Fort Knox

The dust and nuggets panned from mountain streams

Dad’s jaundiced eyes in 1967 Vietnam

My hair when I was young

My mother’s, sisters’, wife’s worn wedding rings

The lesson of King Midas

It’s drifting in some rare champagnes

And fancy restaurants will dust their hamburgers with it

I spent my youth near cornfields

Spent my youth near people’s yellow teeth

And what that’s done

Both for and to me

Good as gold

Belief in linking wealth with worth

A country song goes, “You’re as good as gold/And I’m as good as gone”

Some toxic positivity at play

I’ll ask my younger, hipper, blonder poet friend, KD

The sun is like a yolk

A yolk is just an embryo

An embryo I’ve been

My momma’s golden boy

Her one and lonely son


Thomas Zimmerman (he/him) teaches English, directs the Writing Center, and edits The Big Windows Review at Washtenaw Community College, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. His poems have appeared recently in Live Nude Poems, Pink Plastic House, and Zero Readers. Tom's website: Twitter: @bwr_tom

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