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Giving the Neighbours Something To Gossip About by Rhiannon Willson

I think if I decided two days before my wedding that I was making a mistake, I’d go along with it anyway. Can you imagine the shame? I can’t bear the thought of telling my parents and grandparents and all my friends and cousins and interested acquaintances that I got it wrong, again, that once again I was so sure I was right about this one and yet I ended up unhappy, again. (You know what they say about that, don’t you? Find the common denominator).


Rhiannon Willson is a queer poet who spends her spare time playing scrabble with old ladies and trying to learn how to rollerskate. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Royal Rose Mag, Dreams Walking and Sturgeon Review, among others. She can be found on twitter @rhiannonwillson or through her website,

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