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  You could have a big dipper   

Gifts by Regine Ebner

I have sent you parachutes to wish on

legends to believe in

stars for navigation

and a golden telescope with wings

I have sent you wanderlust canyons

monuments of gypsies

and partial eclipses of the moon

Have you read my hieroglyphs?

Found these treasures in the glade?

You have, I think.

Because I received an eagle

with a branch of twilight

an owl with a fable of want

and a leopard with rosettes of jubilation

I accept your gifts

and send back a candle

with a burning flame


Regine has a solid background in writing. She co-authored a play, Minor Details, which was performed in Tucson and she has a chapter in the book Reimagining Shakespeare for Children, by Naomi Miller. She has returned to writing poetry with enthusiasm. Regine teaches full time in a school she founded.

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