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Gerberas for sale by Damien Posterino

Start that carousel,

another day among the throng.

Cement squeezes dreams cold,

blood drains again like water

through the grates

under my feet

on the street.

Her gerberas used to call to me;

Red, orange, yellow and pink

celebrations to make time stop.

They were messages just for me,

a line or two of cockney fun.

The morning sun has set

behind our moment gone for good.

Her song for sale has spun away.


Damien Posterino (he/him) is a Melbourne born poet. His poetry explores themes of characters, commentary and capturing moments in time. He has been published in recent editions of Fiery Scribe Review, Neuro Logical, Analogies & Allegories Literary Magazine, Abergavenny Small Press, BOMBFIRE, Jupiter Review, Fairy Piece Magazine, Poetic Sun Journal, Green Ink Poetry and Zero Readers. You can find him on Twitter at

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