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Gay Male Poem by Unity

No offense, and heaven

Forbid I say anything political. But


Belongs to anyone

And nothing is real

Anymore than I am

Anything but energy

And we, below everything

Are all the same thing


The stars, the waves

The lunar and solar

Eclipses. And yes,

I know this is

An exceedingly, overwhelmingly

Some might say sickeningly

Gay male thing to say.

But, quite frankly

And if I may be so bold –

Even, dare I say, so witty

And so wise – I believe

That gay males are good

That gay male things in general

Are good

That no matter how the

Winds of fashion blow

They will always

Blow back to gay male things

Like novels and art

Interior decorating

And musicals. Drama

And dancing, and giving females fabulous perms

For this is the gay male function:

To delight and to sing

To complain in that luxuriously

Cuttingly gay, male way

It’s not personal

Or political

Or anything else

It is simply gay male everything

Which is nothing like anything

Else, except all of it, just energy

And sweetness and light

A gift from the gay male sweet angels on high

Who delight in the plight

Of the gay males of Earth


Unity (she/he/they) is a writer and performer who lives one town over from the largest metaphysical store in central New York. This town is called Otego; it also houses the post office where Unity maintains a box. You can send mail to this box if you wish. In fact we encourage it! P.O. Box 508, Otego, NY 13825. These are Unity's first published gay male poems.

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