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  You could have a big dipper   

Free Write by Bruce Gunther

All I ask is to loosen the muse. To help a confused old man find his car keys. To feel the vibration of a thousand butterfly wings. To bask in the ease of a thousand summer sunrises. To reach the itch in the unchartered territory of my back. To marvel at the way your hair fans over the pillow. To help mend the hearts of one hundred young poets. To observe the flash of red as the cardinal alights on a branch. To let the words flow like my wild mind. To discover the source. To innovate a new perspective. To navigate the narrow ledge between this and that.


Bruce Gunther is a retired journalist and freelance writer who lives in Michigan. He's a graduate of Central Michigan University and has had poems published in The Dunes Review, Modern Haiku, Still Life, Bamboo Hut, and others.

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