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Four seasons of Montreal by Chris Atack

On the Mountain, melting snow and green

Spring girls surge up from murky Metro malls

Naked flames in search of gasoline.

Wet pavements glisten in the summer rain

Tight-trousered bucks paw the steaming town,

Ramp through love’s fertile, restless lanes

Trees flare like spreading bloodstains

From dying summer’s mortal wound

Lovers quench their passion in sheets of rain

First blizzard freezes like novocain

Tracks fleeing figures like a white wolfhound

Binds grey stone city in icy chains

Inside, girls browse Proust or Chatelaine

Watch for snow-cloaked ghost-breathed men,

Murmur long songs with a simple refrain

“Spring, grow green upon the Mountain”


Chris Atack is a science writer by trade. He has published two near-future SF novels (Project Maldon and Hunger Star) as well as assorted short stories and poems. When not hammering out words, he sails, tries to improve his French, does search and rescue with the Quebec Coast Guard Auxiliary and generally enjoys life with his wife and kids.

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