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  You could have a big dipper   

For Pine Number 492 by Oakley Ayden

pine number 492 —

you’re an anthem,

love. i see you.

y’ain’t all thick like 496 but a lank

fierce fine little knobcone pine

tree sittin’ solid pretty on the

side of this nameless Big Bear

City not a through street

(the sign spiked through

490 reads.) with battered

branches busted bark —

you’re standing,

love. i see you.


Oakley Ayden (she/her) is an autistic, bisexual writer from North Carolina. Her poems appear in Ghost City Review, Not Very Quiet, Neologism Poetry Journal and elsewhere. She currently lives in California’s San Bernardino National Forest with her two daughters. Find her on Twitter (@Oakley_Ayden) or Instagram (@Oakley.Ayden).

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